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CATEGORY: Huellas ancestrales - África en América

(English version) From diaspora to identity: African presence in Panama

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The course itself takes approximately 2 hours. And it will expire in 1 year after you have entered the course.


This course offers an overview of the African presence in Panama, providing a small sample of some relevant events and realities in the history and experience of Afro-descendants in the country. Upon completing the course, students will be able to create a historical account of the African presence in Panama, identify the distribution of the Afro-descendant population in the country, recognize the identity of Afro-descendant people, and mention some prominent figures in the country and their achievements. It is important to note that the information presented in this module does not represent the entirety of the history and experience of Afro-descendant people in Panama.

As additional material, you will also find a module on the census.


  • Introduction video (1 minute)
    African presence in Panama (75-90 minutes) – includes:
  • African presence in Panama
    1. About this module 
    2. Brief description of Panama and statistical data 
    3. African diaspora 
    4. Afro-descendant identity 
    5. Discrimination due to the use of Afro-style hairstyles 
    6. Significant dates 
    7. Historical account
      Mobilization of Afro-descendants in Panama 
    8. Map of the geographical distribution in the five provinces with the highest number of Afro-descendants 
    9. Prominent Afro-descendant people in Panama: past and present 
    10. Afro-Panamanian voices: activism and legacy 
    11. Afro-Panamanian organizations: strengthening and change 
    12. Men and women from Panama and social movements in the United States 
    13. Reflections and conclusions 
    14. Knowledge assessment
    15. Additional resources: Discover more about Afro-Panamanian identity 
    16. Bibliographic references
  • The census, self-identification, and Afro-descendancy (15-20 minutes) 


  1. Census definition 
  2. What is the census for? 
  3. Colonial era 
  4. Union with Gran Colombia 
  5. Republican era 
  6. Introduction of the Afro question 
  7. Afro variable 
  8. Meaning of the ethnonyms used 
  9. Problems and paradoxes 
  10. 2010 Census 
  11. 2020 Census 
  12. International or regional level instruments or actions 
  13. Reflection and conclusion 
  14. Bibliography

PDF with summary of the content of the African presence in Panama module.

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